Guide to cases in CS: GO or how to get a rare skin?


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Today we'll tell you how to do it by opening cases in CS GO and making deals on the trading floor, as well as share some of the smart tricks that will help you earn a little money. And straight to the point.

What are they for?

Weapon cases are items that contain non-standard weapons or stickers that differ from the usual weapons only in appearance. It looks spectacular, but, in fact, does not give any bonuses. In game slang it is called a "skin", a term used by all players.

Each series of cases has a name, and inside is a certain set of skins One of them can be obtained by opening the box with a special key. When you hover your mouse cursor over the case, which is in your inventory, you will see a list with the skins that are in it.

In Counter Strike, there is a marketplace where people can buy and sell skins for real money. And the turnover on it is quite high, something is constantly bought and sold by players from different countries. You can see the price dynamics of the item, estimate its value and put it up for sale with the expectation that someone will buy it.

After the purchase in your personal cabinet will appear balance in rubles, which you can send to your e-wallet. This gives a good opportunity to earn a little money or to pump your Steam account.

How to determine the rarity of a skin?

Pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rifles from cases have their own value, which determines the price on the trading floor. The principle is as follows - the rarer the item is found in the cases and the better its quality, the higher the price.

And the most coveted trophy is a variety of knives - the price on the trading floor can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles.

To determine the quality of a skin, open your inventory and hover your cursor over the image of the weapon. In the small window that appears, you will see all the information about the weapon, and the quality will be indicated at the top of it. Skins in the KS have the following gradation:

  • Junk - white-colored items, which are found most often, do not fall out of cases and have the lowest value. The cost is rarely more than 5 rubles, and mostly worth up to 1 ruble.
  • Industrial quality - items of light blue color, which are also of little value, and do not fall out of the cases. On the trading floor prices range from 1 to 10 rubles.
  • Army quality - such items in dark blue are more expensive, from 20 rubles, and look presentable.
  • Forbidden - the average level of value, the cost of rare instances of purple color comes to several thousand rubles.
  • Classified - expensive pink skins, the price of which reaches ten thousand rubles or more.
  • Secret - rare skins in red, costing up to a hundred thousand rubles.
  • Extremely rare - things in gold, which every gamer dreams of. Fall as often as snow in Africa. Such quality have knives and only a few rifles in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We advise you to look at the marketplace and see the prices and the range. And if you're burning desire to get something really worthwhile, as an option, you can collect items of low quality and use them in the exchange contract. Ten items of any color can be exchanged for one random item of higher quality.

How do I get and unlock?

To get a cool gun, you'll need two things: a case and a matching key. First, you need to decide how you will get the case. You can choose from the following options:

  • At the end of a game on the official server, players on both teams are randomly assigned several cases. It can fall to any team member, including you. So the more games you play, the more chances you have to get a case.
  • At certain intervals in the game there are special operations, consisting of several tasks. You will receive a case as a reward for completing all the quests.
  • Any user can exchange items from their inventory with other people, including cases.
  • Finally, you can go to the Steam trading platform and buy the case for real money. The price depends on the items in it, as well as whether they belong to a collection. As a rule, if the collection has been recently released, the price of such a case will be high for a while, and then it will begin to decrease. This is because at first demand exceeds supply, and then the reverse happens.

To open a case, you need a key - a key from the same collection. For example, if you have a Gamma 2 case, you must have a Gamma 2 key to open it. The key can be purchased on the marketplace or received as a gift from another person. The price of keys on the marketplace is about $3.

To open the case, you need to right click on it and select "open". Then you will get one skin from the set, and the case and key will disappear.

To summarize

The trading floor in Steam opens up great opportunities for every player. Trade skins, study supply and demand, and try to get rare items - so you can earn a little money. But before you try to open a case, think very carefully at first, because your investment may not pay off.

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