Watch the New Music Video Bringing Chronic Pain Out of the Shadows

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Written by: Dustin Clendenen

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Suffering from chronic pain is lonely. Now patients have a powerful anthem, and a way to raise awareness about their illness.

Chronic pain is a silent epidemic, affecting one in seven people across the globe. It’s likely that you even know someone suffering from chronic pain, whether you know about their condition or not.

The International Pain Foundation (iPain) has released a new song to shed some light on the daily challenges faced by people struggling with this debilitating condition, and draw in support as well.

“Hope Is True” was created in collaboration with some of the brightest talent in the entertainment industry, written by the Emmy-nominated songwriter William J. Fuller. That amazing shadow choreography? It was composed and performed by THE SILHOUETTES from America’s Got Talent. The video was filmed by award-winning producer and director Emileigh Barrett, with the animated world created by VFX Editor Tim Ingle. Check out the YouTube video for the full list of credits. 

100 percent of the proceeds from iTunes (and other outlets) will benefit iPain, which is dedicated to shining light on this disease, funding research and helping patients get access to care. “We needed a way to have the voice of pain patients be heard,” says iPain’s President Barby Ingle. “International Pain Foundation has developed the Music Moves Awareness project to do just that.”

As this project continues, iPain will be using music—particularly this new song—to educate the world about chronic pain issues and their social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and developmental impact.

Sounds (and looks) like they’re off to a great start! Learn more at

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