Am I Boyfriend Material: 11 Sure Signs

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Written by: Josh Drew

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Guys who are ready for a relationship or here dating have their own distinctive characteristics. And if you doubt whether you are mature enough for a serious relationship with a girl, you might notice some signs that tell you when you stand ready to get involved in a love affair.

You Know What You Want to Get in the Future

If you're thinking about what you're willing to achieve, who you want to be with in the future, that's a good sign that means you're really mature. Now you aren't floating mindlessly on the river of life but have taken the reins and manage your life. When a person has a plan, it's a sign of maturity.

You Have a Rough Idea of Your Relationships

You're no longer interested in hunting girls just for sheer joy. You know exactly what you want and follow your dream despite obstacles.

You Aren't Shy About Being Romantic

You are well aware that a relationship needs romance. If you fuel your relations with jokes and banter, your love won't last too long. Therefore, you are not shy to express your feelings, even if you're self-possessed and short-spoken by nature. You are ready to open your heart towards your beloved one.

You Appreciate Sincerity and Honesty

A mature guy knows that there is no room for deception when you're a couple. That's why you're willing, being honest. If you don't like something, you dare to tell your partner about it instead of pretending that everything is fine.

You Realize How Loyalty Is Important

Being ready for a serious romance, a man knows any relationship requires a lot of effort and dedication from both partners. So, you don't back down from challenges your couple face, and you're not afraid of commitment because you always plan to fulfill it.

You Take Responsibility and Apologize Being Guilty

Whenever a guy asks his girlfriend for forgiveness, he's showing his maturity as he is old enough to admit mistakes. By doing so, he confesses his imperfection because he's just a human being, just like everyone else. That is why a young man needs to develop and grow, just like the rest of us. This trait is very important. It shows that the guy is really ready for a serious adult relationship.

You Keep Your Promise

If you promise to take a girl to a party on Friday night, you'll do it even after a hard day at work because a man who wants to be in a serious relationship doesn't make empty promises. You won't disappoint your sweetheart, will you?

She's Your Priority

The girl often comes first in any guy's dealings. Still, if that happens, he should work on critical things; you will definitely let the girl know that she still comes first for you. Being a priority doesn't mean that a guy has to give up everything else going on in his life to spend all his time with his beloved one. Being a priority means that she matters a lot to him.

You Are the One Who Does

It's easy to say you like someone, but showing it through actions is another story. A man's behavior will show how important his lover is to him. When you feel serious about your potential girlfriend, she may notice it in everything: in the way you look at her and how you treat her. You stop surfing dating sites and have already deleted your profiles because you want to be with the only one.

You Are Ready to Sacrifice and Side With Your Woman

You stop being selfish and plan your leisure time according to the schedule of your soulmate (or at least you discuss spending time together). You are ready to sacrifice going to a soccer match with your friends for the sake of going to her favorite melodrama. It's worth noting that, in turn, your partner is willing to do little “feats” for you, too.

You Feel OK Asking Her Advice

When you have some troubles, you don't hesitate to ask and listen to your girlfriend's advice as you trust her and are sure of her support. Asking for her opinion and taking into account everything she said means you respect her thinking of that situation.

Building up a happy and promising relationship is not easy, and not everyone can do it. The moment of maturity for a serious relationship comes differently for everyone. To figure out if you're ready for the couple’s life, just listen carefully to yourself, and you'll know when it's time for you!

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