Kindness Counts

This Non-Profit Helps Provide Closure for Terminally Ill Children

Every single day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer, and many more struggle with auto-immune disease and other life-threatening...

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Welcome to the Front-Lines of Africa’s Mobile Data Revolution

The moon hangs low and red, glowing in the smoke of a fire that burns along a winding, unpaved road to Ndasa in northern Zambia.  Young...

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Now There’s an App to Crowdfund Healthcare

“Healthcare. For every person on the planet.” That’s the very simple mission statement for Watsi, a San Francisco-based tech startup...

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Micro-Philanthropy: How to Give Back on a Budget

If you’re wanting to give back to others but don’t have the time or money to do so, never despair.  You don’t necessarily need to...

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Do Good • Kindness Counts

This App is Helping End Poverty and Homelessness

There are two primary traits that have gotten Rose Broome to where she is now: 1. She’s a veteran of Silicon Valley. 2. She’s a...

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