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After 29 years in law enforcement, Patricia Rogers wasn’t done giving back. She retired and founded a company called Unity In Service, which is devoted to empowering aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs to overcome their fears and reach new heights of success, while also assisting them with the practical nitty-gritty of running their companies, including issues around finances and even legal help.

IMG_5263For Rogers, success is about never quitting—something she learned over and over again when she saw the consequences of those around her giving up or giving in. She’s learned a lot in her line of work, not only about how to actually run a business, but the mindset and psychological tools required to handle the workload.

“In this walk of life in order to get what we want, we must try something that we’ve never tried,” she says. “So, I took a leap of faith, decided to take my experience, and leadership skills to the entrepreneur arena so that I can be my own boss, obtain the “time, freedom and money” I desire. My years of experience also allows me to assist other entrepreneurs and those who are struggling as entrepreneurs to achieve massive success by simply having a will to succeed!  I learned if I press hard enough, maintain my focus, and exercise my faith, nothing is too hard to achieve.”

Based in Miami, Rogers is a member of the Broward Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN), the National Association for Black Women in Construction (NABWIC) and the National Association for Professional Women (NAPW).

We had a chance to talk with her about this exciting new chapter of her life:


Unite4:Good: What inspired you to create your own business?

Patricia Rogers: I wanted to be in control of my own destiny by becoming an entrepreneur. Creating my own business allows me to empower others with the services, skills and the knowledge that will inspire, lead and guide them into achieving “Massive Success.” First, by being a model example of true leadership, then by assisting individuals and entrepreneurs to face and overcome those things that are blocking them from reaching their highest potential. This is what “Unity In Service” represents. Creating my own business also allows me to be in control of the level of prosperity that I want to achieve in my own life. Unity In Service, also host networking events that allows entrepreneurs and those who want to be to expose their service and products. During these events we bring in Public Speakers who will inspire our attendees to improve as entrepreneurs. Unity In Service, Inc. strives to help individuals and entrepreneurs turn their dreams into cash!

U4G: What does Unity In Service do?

PR: The biggest thing we offer is the “Entrepreneur Breakthrough System,” which includes coaching sessions that assist individuals and entrepreneurs in overcoming their fears, so they can hurdle through obstacles such as rejection, address habits that cost the entrepreneur money, business etiquette, improve self-esteem, build confidence and recognize that follow-up is essential to achieving the success that is desired. Our coaching sessions also assist in developing consistency, with a focus on partnering with other entrepreneurs and professionals who are striving for success. We don’t let clients leave without having a specific plan of action.

Other services are creating the Complete Financial Overview that will assist the entrepreneur on reducing interest to lenders, show them how to get out of debt in nine years or less and increase their income while decreasing their taxes. The Financial Analysis will show how to retire with tax-favored income, which is every business owner’s desire.

Our legal and identity-theft services gives individuals and entrepreneurs access to attorneys without paying high hourly cost and retainer fees, allowing them to pick up the phone and contact the attorney in their state and receive unlimited advice and assistance on any legal matter. When it comes to legal issues entrepreneurs tend to “go at it alone” and this can be very damaging. One legal mistake can completely ruin not only one’s business, but their life. Identity theft can cause problems securing loans, harassment from debt collectors, possible arrest for crimes committed by the thief, red flags on background checks and even blocked bank accounts. These have a physical and emotional toll on individuals as well as families.

U4G: What’s the most unique thing about your business?

PR: I can confidently say that if clients follow the program as outlined, success is guaranteed.  The passion that is invested into our services and our customers can only yield a desire to succeed and achieve success. Our main focus is on educating and empowering individuals and entrepreneurs on basic services, while being available to answer questions and assist in all areas that we offer. Many business owners simply market their services and leave the entrepreneur once the sale is made, but our partners are accessible to our clients until they have received the knowledge and skills necessary for them to achieve success.

Pat Finest
U4G: What is mission for our Unity In Service, Inc.?

PR: Our original mission was to provide services for willing and open-minded individuals who want to improve their personal development, expose their services and products, become a better networker in the entrepreneur arena, and improve their lifestyle and financial status. Overtime since being an entrepreneurs ourselves, we have added services and partnered with other business owners so that we can provide quality service to our customers. We are constantly seeking joint ventures so that we can be better equipped while also setting a platforms for those we connect with to expose their services and products.

U4G: How do you currently incorporate social responsibility into your company?

PR: Our social responsibility is to increase profits not only for our clients, but to help them improve the world through the work they’re doing! We avail ourselves for the general public which incorporates people from every walk of life.

U4G: How has social responsibility served to strengthen your business?

PR: Taking part in joint ventures gives our ‘Entrepreneur Breakthrough System” more value for our clients so that they can achieve maximum results and a foundation that will help them succeed in today’s economy.

U4G: What role do you see your company playing in your community or the world at large?

PR: Our desire is to help communities better themselves by providing jobs for some who have the same vision for the company. We assist colleges in our community and offer our services to their students that want to enter the entrepreneur arena. It is our responsibility to ensure that this community flourishes.

U4G: How do you define success for yourself?

PR: Success for me is the result of achieving a particular goal no matter how large or small the task. Once I have stayed on course and completed the task or goal at hand, it gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment. Being of service to others is significant to me and major gratification is when I share in the success of others through my own personal concern for their well-being.

Our company’s major success has been to be able to partner with other business owners and collaborate our services in order to give more value to our clients. We take pride in building good workable relationships that allows all parties involved to expand and grow their businesses. “People Need People!”

U4G: What are the four biggest lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur and business owner?

PR: There’s been so many lessons learned, but these are the top four. One, I am my BIGGEST INVESTMENT. Two, people are our best resources, so treat them as jewels. Three, time is valuable and can never be restored, so make good use of it, and four, coaches need coaching, so stay connected with your mentors!

U4G: How do you maintain your work-life balance? Balance in general?

PR: In my experience, balance comes through structure. I strive to begin my day with a prayer or spiritual reading that connects me with my “Higher Power.” My spiritual connection is what gives me hope in the ability to succeed and in the ability to help others in their endeavors. Exercise for the physical regardless how small or how much, always gives me mental and physical gratification.

I prepare the night before a list of things to do the following day with a minimum requirement and if time permits, the maximum, keeping an open mind that unexpected situations will show up and alter the timeline. I strive to get proper rest and when I feel overwhelmed at times, I stop and take a break or short nap.

I make sure I do some follow up calls in the morning preferably or after 5pm just to reach out and start building new relationships. In the mornings, I also read a few pages of an inspiring book, and I stay connected with professional organizations.

As it relates to staying abreast of the social media platform where I have a huge audience, at least once a day and when time permits, I respond to comments on various social media platforms. When traveling and I know that I will be away from the computer an extended amount of time, I use platforms like or to pre-post valuable content just to let my connections know that I am alive and well! In order for me to maintain balance, I simply ask for help from those who have my best interest at hand. I stay away from work, specifically on Sundays!

U4G: If you could start over again knowing what you know now, about business and social responsibility, what would you do differently with your company from the beginning?

PR: As it relates to starting up, I would first seek a good mentor to teach me the steps that require a good business foundation rather than learning as I go. I have discovered as an entrepreneur, some task should be put in place before others, and if these things are not in the proper order, you will find yourself, repeating the process which inadvertently will cost you extra money.


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