Here’s What You Can Learn from the Kindest People in America

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In January, KIND set out to find people all over the country who were raising the bar on how to be good to one another. An unbelievable number of submissions started flooding in (nearly 5,000 when all was said and done), and in early December, they announced the seven winners. Six of them will be given $100,000, while the grand prize winner is being awarded $500,000.

According to the committee, these people were slected because they “have united their communities through selflessness and service. They show us how to live a life rooted in purpose, forge an inclusive society, and lead our communities with determination and humanity. Most notably, these ordinary giants demonstrate the enormous strength it takes to be kind.”

Let’s meet these amazing people!

Sandra Goldberg
A Silver Lining Foundation

(Chicago, IL)

Dr. Sandy started a non-profit called A Silver Lining Foundation after beating cancer to help others access the treatment resources that helped her overcome her illness. The organization takes care of funding for everything from biopsies to educational workshops to uninsured and underinsured women.

Lam Ho
Community Activism Law Alliance (CALA)

(Chicago, IL)

Lam has made it his life’s work to educate people about their rights and how to access to the legal services they are entitled to. Driven endlessly by his mission, he closcks 100 hours per week at the job, personally handling clients’ cases so that he can make sure their voices are heard.

Jodi Rae Ingstad
Exceptional Kind Person

(Valley City, ND)

Jodi Rae is a self-described “joyologist,” and beyond her job at an elderly care center, she selflessly serves North Dakota’s homeless, elderly, and families in need.

Jo Dee Davis
Healing Broken Circles

(Columbus, OH)

Jo’s organization, Healing Broken Circles, gives a voice to those most affected by incarceration. All of its programs are designed to initiate rehabilitory self-discovery so that inmates can more effectively start a new life after prison.

Phyllis Shaughnessy
Green Lantern Lunches

(Copalis Beach, WA)

Nicknamed “the lunch lady,” Phyllis is an unrelenting force in her community. She has helped deliver an estimated 20,000 food packages this year to under-privileged families in Copalis Beach, Washington and surrounding areas.

Monica Lewis-Patrick
We the People of Detroit

(Detroit, MI)

When Monica learned that the City of Detroit had cut off the water of an apartment building occupied by mothers and senior citizens, she tore passionately into action to restore their violated rates—and united a community around her in the process. From this was born We the People of Detroit, a grassroots organization that “gives low-income families access to clean water; provides education on water issues; conducts research to raise awareness; and mobilizes people to collaborate and own their future.”



Doniece Sandoval
Lava Mae

(San Francisco, CA)

Doniece’s mission is as simple as it is important: she is here to bring hygiene to the homeless. To do this, she embarked on a mission to turn transportation buses into mobile bathrooms, complete with showers and toilets. The idea seemed impossible, but she pulled it off.

See the amazing results here:

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