These Best Friends Just Built An Eco-Friendly Tiny House Community

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Welcome to “Bestie Row.”
That’s the name of this tiny home community built by four couples just outside Austin, TX.

The group has been friends for over 20 years, spending almost all of their time together. Being fans of the tiny house movement, they realized how easy (and efficient) it would be if they realized their dream of living together in a small, sustainable community, and enlisted architect Matt Garcia to help.


Each of the individual houses is about 400 square feet, with a 1,500 square foot community center that features a kitchen, dining space and activity room.

Everything is designed to be as ecologically sound as possible.


Sloped rooftops catch rainwater in runoff tanks. When you live in the desert, every drop counts. And using rainwater further cuts down on living expenses.


The walls are reflective to help keep them cooler in the summer. They’re even working on a big community garden to supply them with more local food.


Each home only cost $40,000 to design and construct.


Perhaps best of all, they’re all always just steps away from the beautiful Texas wilderness.


Would you live in a community like this?


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