How Men Annoy Women

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Written by: Josh Drew

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The main theme of women's conversations is men. And almost every conversation on this topic ends with the same conclusion: "All the guys are bastards, pigs and so on and so forth." The most interesting information can be heard during the discussion of a woman's favorite topic, namely: "Why do men annoy women?"

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If men are not aware then most women have whole lists of which you can find out what a particular woman does not immediately like in a new friend. Are you surprised? But after all, men also have their own criteria for selecting women. So, we will consider the availability of these lists as a normal phenomenon and we will better understand the issue, and what about most women do not like in men. Perhaps men reading this list will be able to extract a lot of useful information from it, which they use later to prevent them from listing their character traits or certain actions that really irritate most women.

Well, let's start the blamestorming?

The very first mistake made by men and which women do not like is the surrender of their positions. You stop being manly and getting her attention, becoming softer and weaker. This is repulsive. After all, what does a woman see at the beginning of dating? Steep and impregnable macho, courageous and strong man, behind whom she wants to hide from the whole world around. What happens then? After you have won the attention of the woman you are interested in, you relax and allow yourself to be yourself, not really caring that your actions are the embodiment of courage. Women do not like such changes in the nature and behavior of men. Most likely, after a while you can hear from your partner such a sacramental phrase as "Let's be friends". Weak men - this is not what attracts women, because they themselves want to be weak, and next to a weak man they have to be strong.

Women also don’t like men, who are insecure in themselves and their strengths, who have a thousand problems and it never ends. This is annoying, especially if a man constantly talks about these very problems and asks for help in solving a particular issue or to simply give advice. It's okay if it's a single incident, but if this happens all the time, a woman cannot stand it anymore, turns around and leaves. Everyone has their own problems that need to be addressed, but this is not a reason to talk about them all the time. Women generally prefer not to hear anything about the problems of men.

In the "Man-Woman" relationship, the leader should be the man. Women prefer to give the right to resolve all issues that concern a couple to their man and if he is not ready to take on such obligations and tries to shift leadership to her shoulders, than such relations will most likely end with nothing.

What else annoys women in men? Their manner of speaking, tone, facial expression and much more. Also annoying are men who are constantly trying to please, are deprived of their own opinions, etc.

Women want to see in a man a strong personality that will match a woman and cause envy of girlfriends, rather than mocking grins. So, men, be real men - strong, confident, intelligent, authoritative, caring and kind, and also sensitive. When you just like that, only then you will not have problems with women.

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